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Promote your clinic

Once you have a strong and recognisable brand identity and have created a website to showcase your services and provide useful information, you are ready to start promoting your clinic.

There are many ways to promote your clinic and it will most likely require a mix of different techniques to achieve the optimum result and return on investment. Here are some of the techniques we use:

Leaflets and brochures

Leaflets and brochures are useful hand outs and takeaways. They can be used for information in-clinic, as mail-outs, for developing partnerships and can be uploaded in pdf form to your website. The uses are multi-fold and well worth the initial investment.


banners and posters for clinics

Large format graphics and display materials

If you have a front window or foyer, a pop-up banner is a great way to promote your clinic or introduce new services. A pop-up banner is portable and can also be used as a backdrop at seminars and lectures, at open evenings or at a partner location such as a gym in conjunction with your leaflet.

Email Newsletter Design

Email newsletters

An email newsletter is the ideal way to keep in touch. You can ask new and existing clients for their email address in order to send them e.g. an appointment reminder. You may then send them a monthly email with useful tips, a special offer or value-add to both remind them of your clinic and incentivise them to book another appointment. It’s worth remembering that ultimately it is cheaper pound-for-pound to retain existing customers than to search for new.


Social Media Design

Social media

There is no doubt that social media is king these days and it is difficult to promote yourself without having some kind of presence in the key social media channels. In order to be successful you need to understand which channel(s) will work for you and how to leverage them. We can produce a media plan and prepare eye-catching graphics and a programme of key messages to support your clinic services.


Advert design

Traditional advertising

There is still demand for printed media and we can create a stand-out advert for magazines and newspapers, that asserts your brand and promote your clinic and services. We can help define key messages which will be most appropriate to attract potential new patients and clients, and put this together in an eye-catching and professional manner.

Make sure that your clinic has a presence and is working to attract new business

Call 020 8398 4663 or email gyc@incacreative.co.uk and start promoting your clinic